Bone-Weary Iridescent Collection

Created by Brandy Bingham

Color-shifting acrylic jewelry & accessories with a spooky theme.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Don’t forget to do your survey!
3 days ago – Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 01:39:46 PM

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Woohoo - we did the thing!
14 days ago – Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 07:45:15 PM

The campaign is over, and I can't wait to send things to you!!! But we do actually have to wait a little bit - expect BackerKit surveys to arrive in about two weeks, which is the timeline Kickstarter gives for securing all funds. In the survey, you'll get to choose exactly what you want in your rewards (where choices are available), *and* you'll get to pick any add-ons you'd like!

I've also set up a pre-order store for anyone who missed out on the campaign. Please do not order anything there if you're already a backer - you'd be double-charged for shipping - but feel free to peruse all the add-ons you'll get to choose from, including some new necklaces!

One more thing: I'm sure you've heard all the news about the coronavirus by now, and unfortunately it is impacting some of the factories I work with. In affected areas, these factories are encouraging their employees to stay home as long as necessary to keep everyone out of harm's way. Obviously this may cause some delays in manufacturing, but safety is more important. Thanks so much for your patience, and know that I'll keep you updated on any significant delays!

One last stretch goal, plus sample photos! (Six days to go!)
21 days ago – Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 11:50:00 AM

We're almost at the finish line! I'm happy to report that I have samples of all the initial designs and they look really great - go check out the main campaign page to see photos! Some lessons learned:

  • Some of the cut-outs for the Victorian Hand design were a tad too small, so I had to adjust the design. I think the new one still looks great, though!
  • The majority of these designs were too intricate for the epoxy layer - epoxy will fill holes that are too small and/or too many - but luckily the keychains have it, so they'll be protected from scratches!
  • As it turns out, the epoxy layer makes the charms a tad too heavy for earrings anyway. I had ordered some epoxy-coated ghosts without charm attachments, but they'll be great for necklaces! With BackerKit on board, it's really easy for me to introduce new add-ons, so I'll probably make every earring design available as a simple necklace as well.

Also - I've added one more stretch goal - these earrings will unlock when we reach $2000!

Coffin earrings mockup

New stretch goal: ghost patch!
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 06:03:32 PM

This holographic ghost patch will unlock when the campaign reaches $1500! All backers will be able to add it to their pledge via BackerKit when the campaign ends for $10-11, depending on the reward you selected.

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Good news: BackerKit is here!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 04:23:35 PM

As much as I wanted to love the pledge calculator I made, it was confusing and easy to make mistakes. So I've signed on with BackerKit to make things easier for everyone! Now even when the campaign is over, you'll have a chance to add additional items to your pledge or even switch your pledge to different one*, and everything will be calculated for you.

I've even set it up so that you can swap or upgrade the items in your pledge. For example:

  • If you picked Earrings - Full Set (5), you could decide to get 5 pairs of one style, instead of one of each
  • If you picked Death's Head Necklace, you could upgrade to the Till Death Necklace and BackerKit will charge you the price difference automatically

Already increased your pledge? Don't worry, everything you spend here will transfer over to BackerKit, so you can apply that credit however you'd like. And remember, you can change your pledge at any time before the campaign is over.

Any questions? Feel free to comment or send me a message!

*IMPORTANT: Anyone who chooses a LIMITED SPECIAL pledge will lock in the 20% off rate for all other add-ons (excluding sticker sheets, which are 50% for everyone). You will not be able to switch to a LIMITED SPECIAL pledge after the campaign ends.